Black out.

I was working on my next book A Way To Love. I wanted to print out a few pages to edit physically. Because the building I live in is at least seventy years old it does not have enough electric outlets. So I have to switch plugs from the external drive to the printer in the multiple jack when I want to print. I switched plugs and the computer dimmed. All at once all the lights in the apartment dimmed and I froze. I was at the window and saw the lights go out in my building. Click, Click, Click, the lights first flickered and went out in the six twenty story buildings around me and then in the entire valley of the Lower East Side up to thirty Fourth Street. Black, black, night and no communication. Was the hurricane Sandy responsible or was it the reality that global warming is here to stay? I went back and pulled the printer plug out of the multiple outlets. But I was too late and the three transformers exploded. Although I lived with some of your discomfort, no light, electricity, food, water, heat, phone, Internet, heat, etc. As A Zen Buddhist I feel extremely guilty. What can I say? I will adjust, be more aware of green technology, and reduce the use of my electricity. I sincerely apologize for the black out and take full responsibility. But please learn from my mistake. Be more prepared for future negative events since they are inevitable. Love always. Satoru

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