The virus has morphed into an IQ test

No matter how cynical I get, I can’t keep up.

We are entering the golden age of stupidity.

People confusing belief for knowing.

Heart-improving pills costing thousands.

Taliban Taxes legislators allergic to reality.

Governments printing money backed by faith.

Wanting victory over nature: a form of suicide.

Encouraged politically correct humorless behavior.

Fewer people are reading, millions more playing games.

We have fundamentally misunderstood the legacy of 9/11.

Anal retentive micromanagers, little men with lots of power.

Target martinets are asking senior citizens for ID to buy beer.

Colluding politicians massively insider trading with no oversite.

Cell phone dummies, hooked on Cyber Heroin, stopping short.

Climate change deniers are teaming up with anti-mask morons.

Horn blowing drivers rushing to red lights, cutting off pedestrians.

Competent people are fired for some innuendo or inappropriate remark.

The world’s 2,153 wealthiest people’s money exceeding 4.6 billion people.

I was always amazed by the complex workings of the world.

But now I’m disappointed because our society is barely functioning.

I hope the virus will erode some retrogress, and we can again evolve.

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